Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome to Sri Lanka

We landed at 5:30am Friday Sri Lankan time and we already feel like we belong here. The drive from the airport was about an hour long and we saw the best and worst that Sri Lanka seems to offer – school children in their uniforms, smoggy air with a lot of traffic and lush surroundings with overwhelming hospitality from the people (Sri Lankan’s are passionate about their country).

Photo: CDF Study Tour Group in Sri Lanka

After a quick shower we settled in and had a delicious lunch with Sama from the SANASA Development Bank. Getting to know each other, we discovered over lunch that when Paul eats spicy food he sweats more water than Niagara Falls, Trish has a loud laugh and that Julie is deathly afraid of snakes (she should be, because Sri Lanka has more people die from snakes bites than anywhere else on the planet).

Photo: House of Handicrafts.

In the afternoon, we visited a co-op that sells handicrafts for 65 rural artisans. This work is supported by CCA and they showed their appreciation by serving tea and traditional sweets.

Photo: Sweet Sri Lankan treats.

On the way home we lost a member of our team. Mark was missing. As we drove away, we were worried, but not so much that we would stop. Good news though . . . he was asleep in the back of the bus!

By: CDF Study Tour group

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